Super Cute DIY Valentine Gnomes from Socks

By | January 25, 2020

These adorable DIY Valentine gnomes are made from socks. They are super easy to make – no sewing required! Keep reading to learn how to make one of these cute Valentines Day sock gnomes for yourself.

These adorable DIY Valentine gnomes are made from socks. They are super easy to make - no sewing required! See the tutorial here.

I love decorating my mantle for every season and holiday.  With just a few weeks until Valentines Day, I was looking for an easy craft to make to add to my decorations and came across a tutorial to make gnomes from socks.

My youngest daughter and I had a blast making these Valentines Day no sew gnomes last weekend.  It was nice to spend some time together crafting and the finished gnomes were just adorable.

Make DIY Valentine gnomes from socks and rice

The nice thing about making Valentines Day gnomes from socks is that you don’t need any sewing skills.  I know how to sew, but it’s not one of my favorite activities.  So I love that these easy DIY gnomes are put together with hot glue.

These adorable DIY Valentine gnomes are made from socks. They are super easy to make - no sewing required! See the tutorial here.

The bodies and hats of the gnome are made from socks and they are filled with rice.  Most of the supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Store if you have one nearby.

If you don’t want to use rice, you can use fiberfill or polypellets to stuff the gnome’s body.

Valentines Day No Sew Gnomes Supply List

  • 1 white tube sock
  • 2 valentine’s day socks (low cut, women’s size 4-10)
  • 2 lb bag of rice (or polypellets)
  • elastic hair bands
  • twine
  • pink rick rack trim
  • small amount of fiberfill
  • blush and a makeup brush
  • pink faux fur
  • heart and bee embellishments (buttons work well)
  • small chalkboard sign
  • pink or red tinsel trim
  • felt in light pink and a color that matches the sock used for a hat
  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • fabric scissors
  • hot glue gun

Pink Faux FurPink Faux FurPink Faux FurBumble Bee ButtonsBumble Bee ButtonsBumble Bee ButtonsChalkboard sign picksChalkboard sign picksChalkboard sign picks

Craft a Happy Home tutorial

Easy DIY Gnomes from Socks Tutorial

Forming the no-sew gnome body and nose

Use a canning funnel to make it easier to fill your sock gnome.

The first step in making these DIY Valentines Day gnomes is forming the body. You want to start by filling a clean white tube sock with rice. To make filling the sock easier, I recommend using a wide mouth canning funnel.

Form the base of your Valentines Day gnome from a white tube sock filled with rice.

Squeeze the sock to push all the rice to the bottom and keep filling until it is about 3/4 full and you have a nice firm base for your gnome.

A GREAT alternative to using rice!
Check Price on AmazonIf you don’t want to use rice to stuff your gnomes, these polypellets are a great substitute.

Use a mini elastic band to tie off the sock. (You can find these tiny rubber bands in the hair accessories section of your local discount store.) Wrap it around 3-4 times to secure. You don’t need to cut off the excess sock. That will help fill out the gnome hat later one.

The rubber bands you use will eventually dry out and break, so go ahead and tie a knot tightly around the band with twine. This is all eventually going to be covered, so you don’t need to worry about the color of the twine. You can also use baby yarn or embroidery floss – whatever you have on hand.

Next we are going to form the gnome’s nose. Lay the gnome body down and grab in your fingertips a section of the sock near the top and a chunk of the rice below it. You want the nose situated an inch or two below where you tied it off. After you are satisfied that what you grabbed will make a decent sized nose, wrap an elastic around the section 3-4 times. Then as you did to tie off the top, use twice to tie a knot around the section tightly to secure it.

Color the sock gnome nose with blush bought at the Dollar Store.

Use blush and a makeup brush to apply color to the nose. (The Dollar Store is a great place to pick up a cheap compact of blush or you can always raid your makeup bag! You want the nose nice and rosy so don’t be afraid to apply a good bit of blush.

It’s ok if you get a little on the surrounding area because it will all be covered up. The only bit of the original white tube sock that will show when your Valentine gnome is complete is the nose itself.

Cover the gnome body with a Valentine's day themed sock

Next you want to use the first of your patterned socks to cover the gnome body. The nice thing about using an ankle sock is that there won’t be any extra to cut off, so there will be no raw edges.

Pull the sock tightly up under the nose and use hot glue to tack it in place. Pull the sock up completely up in the back as far as you can and tack it in place around the sides and back. Refer to the above picture for placement. The extra striped sock that you see in the picture is what I am going to use for the hat.

add rick rack trim to the sock gnome to form a belt and add stability

Optional step: Hot glue a length of rick rack around the gnome’s middle as a belt, pulling taut. This will form a belt of sorts and help add stability to your gnome body.

Tips for making a gnome beard from faux fur

The next step in making gnomes from socks is to add his beard. Since this is a Valentines Day gnome, I used pink faux fur for the beard.

Get pink faux fur on Amazon!
Check Price on AmazonPink faux fur makes aan adorable beard for a Valentine gnome!

Measure from the nose to the bottom of the gnome body. Mine ended up being 5″. You will need to cut a piece of faux fur that is 4-1/2″ wide by the measurement you just took. So I cut my faux fur to 4-1/2″ x 5″ tall.

tips for cutting a gnome beard out of faux fur

Make sure when you cut it that you have the fur fibers oriented the correct way (down the length of the beard). To cut the faux fur, insert your fabric scissors just underneath the fabric backing and make small cuts. You don’t actually want to cut the hair itself.

Referring to the above picture for placement, use a sharpie pen to draw a half circle cut out along the top edge for the middle of the top edge. Draw a rounded corner on the bottom two edges. Cut where you marked with the pen, making the same small cuts as instructed above.

Make a gnome beard from faux fur

Place the nose cut out under the gnome nose and tack in place with hot glue. Pull the two top edges up around the nose and tack in place with hot glue. You will be gluing the rest of the beard down in a later step.

How to make arms for sock gnomes

Twist together three pipe cleaners to form a gnome arm.

If you want to make Valentine gnomes with arms, you simply need some pipe cleaner, felt, and a glue gun. Start by cutting each of the three pipe cleaners in half. Group them into two groups of three. Take each bundle of three and twist them together. Repeat for the other bundle.

Cut two pieces of felt (I used hot pink) that are each 2″ x 6-1/4″. These will be the sock gnome arms.

Gnome mitten pattern

Use the pattern above to cut 2 gnome hands. To get the correct size easily, right click on the mitten image above and download it. Insert the image into Microsoft Word. Double-click on the image to get to the format tab. Change the width to 1.5″. Print it out to use as a template for your gnome hands.

Cut out the gnome hands

Fold a piece of light pink felt in half. Place the bottom edge of the hand along the fold and cut out the hand through both layers of felt. Repeat the process for a second hand.

Open up the hand and place hot glue along one side. Fold back together and press to seal, taking care not to burn yourself. Repeat for the other hand.

Form the sock gnome arms from felt and pipe cleaner.

Now we have all the pieces to form the Valentine gnome arms. Take one of your felt rectangles and run hot glue along one of the top short edges. Press one of the felt hands in place.

Run a line of hot glue down the middle of the rectangle. Place one of the twisted pipe cleaners on top. Fold the sides of the felt over the top of the pipe cleaner and hot glue in place forming a tube. Repeat for the other arm, but have the thumb facing the other way. Set the arms aside for now.

Please note: I chose not to have any legs on my DIY Valentines gnomes, but you could easily use the same technique if you wanted them. You would just have to draw the feet freehand.

Make a gnome hat from a sock

Make a gnome hat from a striped sock

The next step in our DIY Valentine gnomes is to make a pom pom hat from our remaining patterned sock. Lightly stuff the toe area with fiberfill. Run an elastic around the toe area to form it into a pom pom for the hat. Tie some twine tightly around the pom pom to secure it.

Place the hat on the top of the gnome and pull all the way down to the nose. Add a dab of hot glue at the top of the nose to secure it. For now, leave the rest of the hat brim unglued because we need to add the arms.

Add arms to your DIY Valentine gnome

Insert one of the arms underneath the hat brim, making sure the thumb is pointing up. Hot glue in place and then use hot glue to tack the hat in place around the arm. If the arm is making the hat appear lumpy, you can add some fiber fill around the arm to flatten things out a bit.

Add arms to the DIY sock gnome

Repeat for the other arm. Then use hot glue to tack the rest of the hat down in the back. Do not add hot glue the hat to the area with the faux fur. Hot glue and faux fur makes a huge mess!

Flip the beard up and add some hot glue to tack it to the gnome body. If you pull some of the fur out from the sides of the gnome, you can make it look like he has a handlebar mustache! And that’s how easy it is to make gnomes out of socks.

Decorating your no sew gnomes for Valentines Day

Embellishing your DIY Valentines Day gnome

Now comes the fun part! The last step in making DIY Valentine gnomes is embellishing them. You can decorate your little cutie however you like. Go nuts with the heart buttons 🙂

I went with a Bee Mine theme for mine. So I used some cute bee buttons, heart buttons, a mini chalkboard sign, and some foam hearts to decorate my no-sew gnome.

Decorating the  Valentine gnome hat

Let’s start with the hat…

I cut a length of pink tinsel trim and tied it around the pom pom. I made the pom pom flop over a bit and hot glued it so it would stay in place.

Then I hot glued a foam open heart to the hat. I cut the loop off the back of a bee button and hot glued that to the bottom of the heart.

Bee mine chalkboard sign for DIY Valentines Day gnome

The last thing I added to my sock gnome was a cute little chalkboard sign. I used a chalkboard pencil to write “Bee Mine” on the board. Then I used hot glue to add a bee to the upper left corner.

I threaded a piece of pink tinsel trim through the heart button and tied it in a bow. Then I hot glued the heart to the bottom right corner of the sign.

I folded the gnome hands around the sign and hot glued them in place. Since there are pipe cleaners in the arms, it is easy to bend them and get them to stay in place.

These adorable DIY Valentine gnomes are made from socks. They are super easy to make - no sewing required! See the tutorial here.

And that’s all there is to it! These cute DIY Valentine gnomes make wonderful gifts for kids and adults alike. I have mine sitting up on my fireplace mantle. I smile every time I look at him!

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No time to make  a Valentine Sock Gnome?

If  you don’t have time for this easy DIY gnomes tutorial, here are some adorable ones you can buy ready-made on Etsy to use in your Valentine’s Day decorations this year.

Valentine Gnome with CoffeeValentine Gnome with CoffeeValentine Gnome with CoffeeValentine Gnome with a RoseValentine Gnome with a RoseValentine Gnome with a RoseValentine Gnome CoupleValentine Gnome CoupleValentine Gnome Couple


Pin this DIY Valentine Sock Gnomes Tutorial for later:

These adorable DIY Valentine gnomes are made from socks. They are super easy to make - no sewing required! See the tutorial here.

While you are here, be sure to check out the rest of my easy Valentines Day crafts.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial for DIY Valentine gnomes from socks.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me a message below.  Until next time… Happy crafting!

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